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    聯系我們 Contact Us

    廠址:新疆伊犁霍城縣蘆草溝鎮四宮村二組中興路河壩邊北面 835208

    地址:江蘇省昆山市玉山鎮都市匯商苑1號樓1401室 215316

    地址:江蘇省昆山市玉山鎮都市匯商苑1號樓1402室 215316

    電話:+86 512 5777 0880
    傳真:+86 512 3685 8875
    手機:+86 189 1549 6831
    手機:+86 186 2617 8622

    博 云

    昆山博云貿易有限公司成立于2009年,位于離上海40公里外的江蘇省昆山市,2011年成為國際香精香料協會(IFEAT)會員。公司團隊與合作伙伴們共同致力于供應優質天然的中國傳統精油及單離體,有REACH注冊的冬青油;天然芳樟醇;天然乙酸芳樟酯;天然樟腦粉;桉葉油;桉葉素和暫未注冊REACH的檸檬桉油;姜油;野菊花精油; 香葉油;桂花浸膏/凈油;山雞椒精油;茴香油;桂葉油;白蘭花油/葉油; 柏木油;茶樹油;纈草油;香紫蘇油;茴香腦;檸檬醛;柏木腦;香葉醇等。同時公司也常規供應其他國產精油,天然等同及合成化工品并代理多家公司產品。公司產品以外銷為主,成為多家大型跨國公司和終端用戶的合作伙伴。

    Bio-Young Aromas Co., Ltd. is located In Kunshan city of Jiangsu Province, which is 40 km away from Shanghai, was founded in 2009 and became a memeber of IFEAT in 2011. Our team and partners are committed to supply high quality pure and natural Chinese traditional Essential Oil and Natural isolates, including REACH registered products of Wintergreen Oil; Linalool natural; Linalyl Acetate Natural; Camphor Powder Natural; Eucalyptus Oil; Eucalyptol natural and non-REACH registered products of Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil; Ginger Oil; Wild Chrysanthemum Oil; Geranium Oil; Osmanthus Concrete/absolute; Litsea Cubeba Oil; Star Anise Oil; Cassia Oil; Magnolia flower/leaf oil; Cedarwood Oil; Tea Tree Oil; Valerian Root Oil; Clary Sage Oil; Anethole Natural; Citral natural; Cedrol natural; Geraniol Natural, etc.  Besides, we also regularly provide other Chinese essential oil, natural chemicals, aroma chemicals and are exclusice agent for a few partners. Our products are mainly exported and we have become parnter of many famous multinational companies.

    找到我們 廠址:新疆伊犁霍城縣蘆草溝鎮四宮村二組中興路河壩邊北面 835208
    地址:江蘇省昆山市玉山鎮都市匯商苑1號樓1401室 215316
    地址:江蘇省昆山市玉山鎮都市匯商苑1號樓1402室 215316
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